T i p s

1. Before you begin baking, make sure you have gathered all ingredients and equipment.

2. Read the recipe your following carefully through before you begin. You don't want to be halfway through your recipe and realize you don't have enough time.

3. Make sure that your eggs are always at room temperature.

4. Please notice there is a difference between melting and softening butter. Trust me there has been lots of trial and error with this, it can cause the wrong texture especially in icing.

5. If you replace sugar with a different sweetener, be aware that some sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar.

6. Do realize some ovens are hotter or cooler than others. So get familiar with your oven, you don't want to over bake or under bake your delicious treat.

7. When using wet and dry ingredients, always start with the dry ingredients.

8.  It is important to let your cakes cool before you touch them.  Having them too warm while you touch them can cause them to break.

9. Don't frost your treat until it is completely cool or else the icing will melt causing it to run of the scrumptious treat.

10. Have fun in baking. Don't let something discourage you, you can still have a good tasting cake even if it doesn't look good.

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